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"…this was impressive. I have never had a carrier do a corrective action report on an issue. I was so impressed this morning we discussed it in our plant staff production meeting and with the Logistics team line meeting. Thanks for raising the bar."

"You know, if it weren't for All State, and the never-ending efforts you all make to keep me loaded and running…this end result never would have happened. This is another example of why I will go to the trenches for you all, standing up for TWL, having the pride I do in TWL, continually selling TWL to the customers I meet out You all in the office have this reason and so much more to be proud of yourselves. I can't thank you all enough from my heart."

"Whether it's an expedite in the middle of the night, stringent Free Trade Zone delivery requirements at Over Seas, value-added part verification, or high-value aftermarket deliveries, I am confident in Three Ways Logistics Pvt Ltd to handle all of my critical needs in a safe, time-sensitive manner, allowing me to serve my customer with the best level of service possible..."

"I would like to say that as Senior Logistics Technician for the {account name withheld} account in HPCL , they have been absolutely amazing to work with. I researched carefully many expedite carriers in the nation before choosing TWL as our primary expedite carrier for the facility. After being run through the ringer from their competitors it was a big relief bringing them on in 2015 for the facility's expedite and non-expedite needs. The TWL are friendly, honest and dependable when it comes to monitoring our freight and fulfilling our transportation needs. They remain at above 98% on-time and 100% in communication. I assure you that you will not go wrong choosing TWL your #1 carrier."

"As Manager of {account name withheld} Transportation's Expedited Services Department, I have had a business relationship with Three Ways since November 2013. During that time, Three Ways and his team have given us outstanding service…including quick response time on quotes and availability, rapid resolution of problems and issues, and a real sense of confidence in his company, drivers and their equipment…TWL has been beneficial in helping us grow our expedited business by meeting our Logistics needs over the years…"

"…your survey sent out last month, and the warm and friendly Qualcomm message you sent to us on Monday as well, really shows us how much you care about us. I really enjoyed the time spent at the office with everyone the other day, everyone making me feel even more welcome and more part of your family. This is only part of the reason I am here. TWL is one of the nicest, easy to deal with, honest companies that I have ever had the pleasure to work for. The pay is right on the money and on-time, every time. Dispatch is awesome, as well as the rest of the TWL staff. Really, no B.S. here. Once again, thank you for your never-ending concern…And, they know me by the sound of my voice whenever I call in…"